Rose Bowl Flea Market

I remember going to the Roadium Swapmeet in Torrance in the 80’s and one place that I heard a lot of buzz about was the monthly flea market at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Well, it took 30 years to finally make it there but I did it! Plus, I dragged Jennifer there also. (Actually, she enjoyed it) After about 4-5 hours we only covered maybe half of the seller booths.

I really enjoyed the trip and I hope to return again in the future. I highly recommend it. However, be prepared to walk. And, if it’s sunny, bring some covering and sunscreen. Oh, and bring a few $$ to buy stuff you don’t need and to buy food.

By the way, the Roadium Swapmeet is still going…I hope to visit it again soon.

Alan Christopherson and Jennifer Skolnick at the Rose Bowl Flea Market

Minnesota 2018

It was another wonderful vacation in Minnesota. This trip brought something new…more lake property hunting and a potential purchase. With Spencer and Sheryl’s help (and, of course Gloria from Boll Realty) we found a place on Big Pine Lake. It was a cute little place with a lot of clean beachfront and a large lot to expand with. In the end, I backed out of the deal for various reasons (too much money tied up in a property 2k+ miles away, renting seemed like a hassle, we’d only get the benefit of lakeside visits 2-3 weeks a year, and it was a 3-season structure – albeit easily converted into a 4-season) We’ll keep looking on subsequent trips.

Jennifer, Mitch Bernier, and Spencer Bernier evaluating the place
The cabin on Big Pine Lake
Sheryl Bernier and Jennifer Skolnick on the dock at Big Pine Lake

Like every trip in the past years we were excited to stay with Sheryl and Spencer at their home on Star Lake. It’s always a great time and we thoroughly enjoy spending time with them.

Spencer and a big Bass on Star Lake

Our New German Shepherd Dog Puppy

We have a new German Shepherd Dog (GSD) puppy. He’s a black and red male, and his name is Odie von Westkuste, or Odie for short.

He’s a cute little guy (well little is quickly slipping away) and we’re loving the little guy. Here are some pix…


The puppy with big droopy ears and big paws at 8 weeks.


20170104_222529967_iOSOut socializing at Barnes & Noble at 9 weeks.

Minnesota 2016

It was another awesome vacation to Minnesota. On this trip we had a wonderful time with the Berniers: Sheryl, Spencer, Mitch, and Kyle. It truly is a great way to relax and be with good friends. We did a little fishing, roofing (yep, Spencer and I reroofed the shed), and a lot of eating!

Also, we met up with my 6th Grade teacher, Gary Gannon, and Angie Magee again for some beer, pizza, and great conversation in Randall. During a ‘whistle-stop’ on our way to the Berniers, we stopped off at Randall for an opportunity to have a reunion with my childhood friend, Mike Magee, and his wife Shirley. This was another highlight of the vacation! It was great to have this opportunity to reacquaint with him and we look forward to seeing them again soon.

Spencer with a big one on Star Lake

Mike Magee, Shirley Magee, Jennifer Skolnick, Alan Christopherson

Sheryl Bernier on the new jetski

All in all, another fantastic trip to the Land of 10,000 Lakes!

Saddle Peak

Jennifer, Waldo, and I took a drive out to Saddle Peak near Calabasas to do a little hiking. It was a nice little 5 mile hike. Didn’t see any rattle snakes on this trip, but we did see some great scenic views.

Jennifer Skolnick
Jennifer Skolnick and Waldo taking a break on a Saddle Peak rock
Saddle Peak
Scenic view on Saddle Peak
Alan Christopherson
Alan Christopherson and Waldo on Saddle Peak

Minnesota 2015

As always! we had a wonderful time with Spencer and & Sheryl in Minnesota. It is truly a highlight of each year.

Some images from our annual trip to Minnesota.

Jennifer Skolnick Saying Hi to Some Horses
Sheryl and Mitch Bernier Enjoying a Little Canoeing on the Crow Wing River
Jennifer Skolnick Enjoying a Little Canoeing on the Crow Wing River

A Great Visit to a Special Place For Me

This was a very special visit for me. This place, Randall, MN, is very special to me and I’ve always felt a connection to this town. I was very happy to meet Angie Magee, a sister-in-law to the Magee’s that I was friends with when I lived there. It was very emotional for me to meet my 6th grade teacher, Gary Gannon, and to stand in the classroom that I have so many great memories.

Alan Christopherson and Gary Gannon (6th grade teacher) in the 6th Grade Classroom
Angie Magge and Gary Gannon

We have another new puppy, Waldo

Sadly, we had to put our Min Pin, Magee, to sleep about a month ago. However, the little guy made it to 16 years old. So, we needed to replace him and here’s our new Boston Terrier puppy, Waldo…


He was the smallest and spunkiest of the litter. He should drive Ludwig crazy!

We have a new dog today!

We have a new German Shepherd, Ludwig. He’s about a year old and about 80 lbs. He’s got a lot of energy and is a fantastic new member to our house. Here’s a couple of pix…



Just relaxing in his new home.

A weekend in Palm Springs

Jennifer and I went to Palm Springs for the weekend to attend an event for the California Certified Family Law Specialists. It was fun sitting out by the pool and relaxing while Jennifer attended Family Law seminars and mingled with the others attorneys.


Jennifer having a blast out by the pool.


A view from the top of the gondola ride west of Palm Springs. (See Palm Springs below?)

A day at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

Jennifer and I joined our friends, the Campbell’s for a day at the Rose Bowl. They are avid dancers and there was a ballroom dancing event at the Rose Bowl that they asked us to join them. I’m not a dancer but Jennifer participated.


Arriving at the Rose Bowl.


Jennifer and Robert on the dance floor.


Robert and Diane.